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Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/8/2004 6:26:12 AM

Wise men have always known the deep and pervading truth that it is better to give than to receive, for even as it conflicts with selfish and ambitious desires, it moderates and controls them.

Giving always demands sacrifice. To overcome the temptation to enjoy mere daily comfort, to press resolutely and patiently forward on the scheduled way, are true tests of the high degree of determination that should bind you together. Memories of past injustices should not divert us from the more pressing business at hand.

We must live in peace with our former colonizers, shunning recrimination and bitterness and fore-swearing the luxury of vengeance and retaliation, lest the acid of hatred erode our souls and poison our hearts.

Let us act as befits the dignity which we claim for ourselves as Africans, proud of our own special qualities, distinctions, and abilities. We must speak out on major issues, courageously, openly and honestly, and in blunt terms of right and wrong.

If we yield to blandishments or threats, if we compromise when no honourable compromise is possible, our influence will be sadly diminished and our prestige woefully prejudiced and weakened.

On this day which men of earth and angels of heaven could neither have foreseen nor known, I give thanks unutterable by the mouth of man to the living God who has enabled me to be present among you.

Today is the beginning of a new era in the history of Ethiopia. Since this is so, do not reward evil for evil, do not commit any act of cruelty like those

which the enemy committed against us. Do not allow the enemy any occasion to foul the good name of Ethiopia.

We shall take his weapons and make him return by the way he came.

We believe in cooperation and collaboration to promote the cause of international security, the equality of man and the welfare of mankind.

We believe in the peaceful settlement of all disputes without resorting to force.

And in accordance with the charter of O.A.U. we will strive to eradicate colonialism, racism and apartheid from the face of the earth, to frustrate the efforts being made by foreign powers to dictate the destiny of the African continent, and we will continue to stand.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/8/2004 9:12:44 AM

Yes I,

Haile Selassie I showing I and I the ways of Jah.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: ijah Sent: 1/8/2004 12:14:50 PM

Treu that

Him showed all the leaders of the world that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.H.I.M.Haile Selassie I Jah RasTafari.

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 1/8/2004 12:32:32 PM

We are the light, the light to the world.
We are the light, shinning bright to our lost brothers,
correcting the black traitors we no longer burn them,
we are the light with destiny
we are our brothers keepers!

selasie was the the light brighter than our imitations. Him gives our elders fertile land in shesamane to shine bright for all AFRICA.. and the world, 'cos HIM know our strength.
Sheshamane is small but africa is great!
Ethiopia is our heart
Azania our legs Libya our up.

we are the light let us show the way to feed africa!

Selasie did call all africans leaders to ethiopia to discuss africa's development and freedom. Can we keep that light shinning.

Messenger: MICHAEL Sent: 1/11/2004 10:29:22 AM

true words are spoken here......that is why InI love this site...many dreads with TRUTH speak here...AFRIKA is home of all men.....she is the roots of our tree....if we know not where are roots are we shall be weak like the tree with no roots....we will fall.....AFRIKA is blessed and JAH knows it........

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 1/11/2004 4:45:17 PM

Blessed Love Brethren and sistren...Jah Rasta Far I

What a blessing to site this utternace of Haile Selassie I , King of Kings Lord of Lords CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. Give thanks and priases JAH RASTA FAR I that Ras ROCK posted.

Today a typical day of reasoning over family meal. It always turns to be a fiyah of sorts as I-Rasta speaking with baldheads of Babylon. TOday I grandmother in defending the "superiority" of USA on account of wealth and perception of deception of USA "charitable" giving....challenged I to go to WASHINGTON to straighten things out. prideful of her works and her country and the otherr "godless" nations

THis frustrats I because things are not good and this at first makes I feel BIG cause I KNOW TRUTH.....Then i doubt I self for effectiveness to make change....SITE ? ALL the bigness is that reflection of terror the $hit$tem uses to deal things.....always DOMINATING a SUPERIOR way...ya site... This rages I cause now I know that this MIGHT of violence is what the Babylon $hit$tem provokes I react witht he same vileness as it operates. It incites the strongest to weaken by employing the same ways that INI struggle against.

WHy so I write this ? I site that it is a struggle within I and INI know that it vexing I-a vanity. Any reasoning on this by brethren or sistren is a blessed guidance. Iron sharpens Iron.....

I site that INI not get caught up in this Babylon governeming thign because it all based on folly....Do Rasta go in the belly of folly and do the same POLTRICKING as a spy to revolt ? No man...that provocation is just Satan stroking I pride....BUMBA KLATT

I site the love for all humanity, but so much of the action of the few making so much war on the many and blessed by the blind many I-dren such as my dear old granny is just....folly.....I am weakend by that provocation.....Should I go live in a cave ? No mon....

INI called to speak truth....without fear.....without doubt....

Any water for a thirsty Rasta today ?

Blessed love
Jah Rasta Far I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/11/2004 6:20:01 PM

it is a hard walk yeah. Not a easy way out .it is war so stay fit.
you make me think strong thoughts.They studied the Art of War. They take every little thing and use it, say they made it, then sell it. Then we say it is Babylonian Knowledge. No . I say it good Knowledge, Gods Knowledge, so use it. So it said that the people get use to things ..when they see us do something that is a truth that they deep down know, it well be light to them.
Jah Blessings stay strong, God will make an interstructure. We got to stay fit.
The Rock

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