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One love,peace and grace to every one

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Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 1/28/2006 7:53:15 AM

Yeah! one love,peace and grace to u all.I dont know why so much crititising i man,but one love and grace be with everyone. Selahssie i.

Messenger: RAS B Sent: 1/31/2006 5:20:20 AM


I man doan lak' sayin' dis bot I man reali t'ink di I no rasta fah
I man cyaan sight lov' inna di I's reasonin'. Di I soun' lak' dem
bummbaclot wit' babilan doctrine , seen dem onli kno' ha fi critisise
an' kamminicate holy JAH chil'ren

Jah arise an' let di wicketman scatta

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Haile Selassie I