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Their Illuminati

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Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 1/27/2006 2:56:05 PM

They made guns and bombs to blow up the university,they made viruses in dey technology,dey made A.I.D.S in their laboratory,they show dem how to kill and steal on de t.v.,de mark of de beast on de p.c.,If u check it out satan symbols on their,they kill wid hunger and poverty,If u check it out its a conspiracy,9 11 is the number of emergency,judgement fe dem dat why it happen in New York city,Bush and Blair cant fool we. Jah Rastafari Emperor Haile Selahssie. Fire burn dey Illuminati!

Messenger: Tefer_Anbesa Sent: 1/27/2006 9:54:55 PM

Fire is the Devil's only friend ~ {Bye Bye Miss American Pie}.

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 1/28/2006 4:13:35 AM

Fire is the purifying agent of the ministers of Jah. I and I should be looking to quote from the Bible and not from Miss American Pie or some other garbage.
There appear to be many wolves in sheeps clothing on this forum. I have been observing all of the good positive things which the I s have been reasoning about and i have seen all the folly that comes up here
I and I realise that there is a lot of mix up and confusion in this site and i sight that anyone who is looking to familiarise HIMself with Rastafari culture cannot come to this place no more simply because of the lack of Christ love here.
I see that YOU have no respect, no humilty , no grace, no tolerance, no compassion and therefore i see that YOU have no LOVE WITHIN YOUR HEARTS.
Once again i just sight Satan works are more mighty than Jah works here. Do not let that Men put you down always remember that righteousness is mightier than sin.
So the fire have to continue being burnt and we have to up the funace seven times hotter to purify this place from all unclean elements.
For if there no longer exists love here than God is no longer here
Burn Burn Burn Babylon, the evil White world and expose all of its wickedness. The Illuminati and Babylon and Lucifer and Satan is One. Deceiving the whole world with OBEAH, that is VOODOO. All of that comes from Elizabeth throne, from Pope Rome throne and from George Bush Throne. So ini kick over the pope;s voodoo pot. Clean up your hearts and let Jah come in for He is searching for clean hearts to reign in for his reigning 5th Kingdom is coming now. and all 4 other Kingdoms of Babylon must fall and perish. INI chant freedom, redemption and international repatriation. That is our call, free Africa and the whole world shall be free from sin.
So let us cease with all those bickerings, sarcasm, grudges and wicked judgments for NO SIN SHALL EVER ENTER INTO ZION.
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Tefer_Anbesa Sent: 1/28/2006 9:16:21 AM

Catch a fire you're gonna get burned ~ {Slave Driver}.

Messenger: LNA Sent: 6/13/2010 7:09:02 PM

Word blessed be

Its time for peace its time to take out the negitive off this world.
Love is comming back. the lord is comming soon.
its a world of evielness and confusioness.
in our hearts in our soul is the fire/urge for freedoom.
Dont let em take ya down!
Be strong doe we walk in a lie.
Work with your mind to retrive the realizeness
the galaxi is one and so should we be.
No time for foolishness.
feel deep inside your heart for the start for light.
Blessed souls come on
lets do it for real
dont be the talkers be the doers.
love ya
Jah Henke

Messenger: Keef Blunts Sent: 6/19/2010 2:43:43 PM

The illuminatti are fags, straight up. No hate agianst the gay but what these people does is amongst the highest calibur of satanic bullshit. The truths we theorize and stumble upon are only a fraction of whats really out there.9-11 was nothing compared to what to what were gonna see, beleive that! You gotta ask the question, What is "I" gonna do instead of I wonder what "they" are doing because trust me, we niggas can formulate on such great margins that we become involved, take Tupac and Biggie for example. What Im saying is we mustnt worry for Their Illuminatti but rather our own. If you can't join em than beat em! peace

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 4/18/2016 4:17:15 PM

All eyes on JAH, magnify JAH Living Word. Order and discipline of Christ is the way for Rastafari. Power of The Holy Trinity over world ,flesh and devils. Victory to each and all Good over evil.

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Haile Selassie I