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Messenger: Empress T Sent: 1/24/2006 5:42:45 PM

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is LuTicia Henderson and I write today to ask of your assistance. A great injustice was committed by an officer of the D.O.C to my Fiancé and I need to seek legal council to get the matter resolved. Everyday an innocent brother, sister, or child is sent to the prison walls of babylon by falsifying these "so-called" drug tests. Now, I am not only doing this for my fiancé, but for EVERYONE that has been done wrong by this department and these “so-called” sworn officers of the law. If you all can assist me, I would greatly appreciate it. Martin Luther King, Medger Evers, Toussaint Dessalines, and Marcus Garvey did not give their lives for us to get comfortable and allow this system to continually break us down. As a child, I heard of the many great things that agencies like National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have done to ensure that we are given our justice in this unequal system. With the help from you, we cry a mighty cry from all levels. I would greatly appreciate any manner of assistance that you will be able to give. My contact number is (954) 968-8521 or (954) 636-9543. Below is the letter in which explains the case a little more detailed, we have faxed this to the assistant of the Judge who is overseeing my fiancé’s case:
My name is LuTicia Lanette Henderson and I am Mr. Sylvin C. Page’s fiancée. I write to you today to ask of your precious mercy. He just got out eight days ago and we cannot afford an attorney. We had some bad experiences with his probation being in Broward County. I did call your Assistant to put us on the calendar to get the matter resolved, but I understand that she is busy. He was in for 45 days and he did not smoke a thing! The P.O. immediately stared to bother him when we got there and once tested he stated that because it is very faint in the urine then he would be ok. Sylvin explained that he had NOT smoked anything since the day of his arrest. You know it is sad that when you do good you are punished. Anyway, you are a reasonable Judge and we know that the evidence will set him free. This was a total set up!
In January, when you released Sylvin on Administrative Probation, as he was in the office in Miami they called Officer R. L. his P.O. from Broward. She proceeded to ask why you (Your Honor) discharged him and a whole bunch of curses and fussing. She told him that she could not be his P.O. no matter what you said. We went to Broward under the orders of the Chief Officer in Dade and she did tell us that she would report her to the D.O.C. When we got there she totally ignored Sylvin and made him wait over an hour just to tell him he had to go back to Dade because she could no longer deal with his case. Sylvin told me that when he had her before she went on vacation and left his now P.O. Officer S. S. in charge and he came to his job (Burlington at the time) and almost got him fired because he went on the job unannounced for no reason and making a huge scene that he was Sylvin’s P.O.
Now, when we get to the P.O. office this time around…everyone kept looking over the paperwork. We got there at 3:10pm, they started to turn the lights off around 4:45pm and then here comes Officer S. S. So, when he gets him to the back…he keeps asking him questions that are irrelevant to the situation. Sylvin remains quiet, so he starts to say “oh; well I hope there were no hard feelings from our past experience because I was just doing my job.” Sylvin remained quiet, he then says “well, you don’t have to be so uptight nor do you need to have an attitude.” So, Sylvin replied that he is only there to check in, answer relevant questions, and not to make friends. He continues to patronize Sylvin and then finally asked for the test. He gave it and the guy had to call a Supervisor because the trace was so faint. Then, he calls today (1/17/06) and tells Sylvin that the test was inconclusive because the lab “messed up” and that they needed a new sample. Without hesitation, he went in and was violated.
Now, I understand that you reap what you sow. But, Sylvin has not sown a thing to be getting treated like this. He has acknowledged that he made a mistake, but keeps getting punished. When you one is changing your life, under these conditions, makes one lose faith in the system. Sylvin is INNOCENT. He came home a totally changed man, he goes to work, comes home, eats, and goes to sleep. He has two sons and possibly a child on the way. This situation needs your expertise and mercy. I thank you for your time and consideration and for all the many times that you have assisted our family.
Once again I thank you for your time and consideration. May God Bless You.

L. Henderson
A Sistren fighting for Equal Rights and Justice

See Family, I am basically tired of all of the INJUSTICE being done in this situation as well as others. I need ALL of the legal advice and links that I can get. These IDIOTS say that they are "scientists" but they DON'T know that it can take up to six months to get the urine to the "level" that they need it to be on? RIDICULOUS! Any Advice. You may also email me at My home number just got trned off and this is slowing down my process because I am missing calls. However, Jah is making a way by keeping the internet on. If there is some urgent news anyone has to pass to me, please call the second number. I give thanks in advance for ANY help that is giving. Jah Bless!

Empress T

Messenger: Natti I Sent: 1/24/2006 6:34:51 PM

Mi sistren, mi jus read yah letta fi goverment purpose. As Imon nuh familar wit di U.S laws much. I seh tri fi find a legal aid mon fi help wit di paper. Deh nuh cost much uno. A lso gwaan get a copy of deh mon urine report dat seh it nuh good.

Keep in praya

Messenger: Empress T Sent: 1/26/2006 6:13:53 AM


Messenger: Natti I Sent: 1/30/2006 8:43:05 AM

Keep Idren up on she trod. Ongli fa mi cyan help if I cyan zeen.

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 1/30/2006 8:53:11 AM

sistren, please link i. I am sorry i haven't been in touch, i been really hurting by i own situation that i guess i forget to do wat im suppose to. Link I sistren this week..

your humble sis


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