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becoming ital

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Messenger: ras shem tafari Sent: 11/30/2005 7:52:33 PM

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty.

I am a young lion, and have been in the faith for quite some time. Although my faith is strong, I feel that I am not fully living as I should: I have yet to eat Ital.

I think the cause is that I am not ready to just wake up and start eating in a different manner. If there are ways of helping I&I to simplify one's diet, please let me know.

Loving Jah comes first; but perhaps Ital can bring me that much closer.

Loving humanity................Shem.
Hail Jah RasTafari, Selassie I: the hope, the worth, the glory of I&I.

Messenger: Ras Fada Sent: 11/30/2005 11:13:46 PM

Shem, Natty, and KingtafarI and I&I look see it so... it need reasoning, mi bredda. Ital inah all form of diet, blessed an true an circumspect unto attainment of max physical contribution ah di body to live it... and travel it, all the time love no oda under pain an much to do with suffering, still ovacome! Jah see an know which king wear which crown,,, find your crown, Shem, and your Ital will be brought to you...

Messenger: Mau Mau Sent: 12/3/2005 7:37:42 PM

Now that the I mentioned that the I is struggling with living on an ital diet, I would like to contribute to dis ya topic. I question is how some rasta eat fish, some meat and some no flesh at all in whateva form? What is the basis of the diet? I n I did switch to a near vegan diet meaning say no flesh or animal products except in cases where maybe in a baked product maybe they have used eggs or milk. I have studied the issue of vegetarianism and it make sense from a health standpoint, a study of man digestive system and a biblical standpoint (in Genesis when Jah gave man the seed-bearing vegetation for food). There is some rasta that dismiss any other rasta eating flesh as not rasta....I just want to understand the basis of that because say in different areas people r exposed to different say in certain places livestock is the form of livelihood and so meat is other places is fish. Anyone please shed light on your perspective or rasta perspective as you know it....Bless.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/4/2005 7:05:40 PM

BLessed... INI site that the i's look to the other reasonings on this topic through out this forum. Ital reasonings come up very often... just look over the index and topic list. This is an on-going topic. Read up on waht has been spoken and then present more specific questions, is what ini encourage.

Read the Ible for guidance as well. Look in the concordance and follow up on verses under food, meat, animal and such and such to OVER stand food thing in context. Rasta means "without fear"... that is the formost thing to keep in the mind in asking for guidance and direction.

KNOW yourself adn be willing to KNOW yourself in ALl things that ones and ones do.

Check your vibes and intent....
Blessed love rasta far I
Haile I selassie I

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Haile Selassie I