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Marcus Mossiah Garvey, Our Beloved Prophet

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Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/5/2005 7:56:23 AM

I have recently begun to write about Our Prophet Marcus Garvey, and my hopes are to enlighten ones who don't know much, or think they know too much. I have written this with the hopes of inspiring those in the faith, bringing others outside the faith understanding, and also to try and clear away some of the fog that babywrong puts over the true message and prophecy of Marcus Mossiah. Here is the beggining of my paper. I haven't finished yet, but I want the I's to read.

Give thanks

I do give thanks for Our Prophet, John the Baptist, from the small parish of St. Annes Jamaica, Marcus Mossiah Garvey. He was a shining light unto his people and through his works that his people would see the coming of the Messiah, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie. Many say that Marcus was not kind to Rasta, and referred to them as goats. There was also a speech called, "The Cowardly Lion", that portrayed His Divine Majesty as a slave master and bloodthirsty, and a failure to the Black race. But at the time that Marcus had written that, he could not overstand His Majesty's plan. What also needs to be brought to light is the fact that Marcus Garvey openly stated earlier in 1930 that,

" The Psalmist prophesied that Princes would come out of Egypt and Ethiopia would stretch forth her hands unto God. We have no doubt that the time is now come. Ethiopia is now really stretching forth her hands. This great kingdom of the East has been hidden for many centuries, but gradually she is rising to take a leading place in the world and it is for us of the Negro race to assist in every way to hold up the hand of Emperor Ras Tafari.”

Words of Marcus Garvey printed in the “Blackman” Kingston, November 8th 1930.

Remember that when the Messiah had reached the people in Israel, they rejected HIM because He didn't fit the description they wanted HIM to. Christ said to them, “When the evening comes you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and over cast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of he sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of he times. “ Matthew 16:2-3 And what is funny is that the same people whom Christ was addressing were well versed with the Old Testament and the prophecies of the Messiah. What we are dealing with here is no different. I would like to bring it to attention that John the Baptist of old doubted for some time, but later on he came to believe. “When John heard in prison what Christ was doing , he sent his disciples to ask him. “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” Matthew 11:2-3 So besides that article, there are some other interesting things that make the claims of Marcus of being a false prophet seem dim.

In an 1978 interview with Paul Earlington, the author of “The Rastafari Report,” he stated that, “the Honorable Marcus Garvey always told us that there was a man coming forward behind him whose shoe-heel he, the Honorable Marcus Garvey, would not be able to unleash.” This would be perfect as it fits with what was spoken by John the Baptist of old, “I baptize with water,” John replied, “but among you stands one who you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” John 1:26-27

Marcus Garvey, like John the Baptist, was to come first to cut and clear the way for the Messiah. The words and works of Marcus Garvey prove to be not only prophetical, but also enriches the hearts and minds of black men and women. He had to do this, just like John had to cut a clear the way for Christ, in the sense that he was trying to get people to prepare their hearts for the coming of the Savior. The words of Marcus Garvey prove to be those of which proclaim a coming King/Savior to redeem the black race, so naturally his people would have to be put into a mind state were they would be able to recognize this coming figure. Marcus Garvey brought the African people the word of worshipping the God of Ethiopia. For Marcus did say,

“If the white man has the idea of a white God, let him worship his God as he desires. If the yellow man's God is of his race let him worship his God as he sees fit. We, as Negroes, have found a new ideal. Whilst our God has no color, yet it is human to see everything through one's own spectacles, and since the white people have seen their God through white spectacles, we have only now started out (late though it be) to see our God through our own spectacles. The God of Isaac and the God of Jacob let Him exist for the race that believes in the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. We Negroes believe in the God of Ethiopia, the everlasting God - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, the One God of all ages. That is the God in whom we believe, but we shall worship Him through the spectacles of Ethiopia.”

This is the kind of words that were used to start to bring attention to the people that the One who was to come wasn’t going to be the god of slavery that they had been oppressed with, which was the Greco-Roman view of Christ. These speeches are crucial as the book of John does state that, “There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning the light; he came so that through him men might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.” John 1:6-9 And as it seems to be a reoccurring theme in the scriptures, the messengers who are sent forth by God, are hardly excepted amongst the masses. Just remember in the Old Testament when Jeremiah went and preached to the people for years and years and not one believed, and so he wrote the book of Lamentations, to show his lamenting. The scenario is also the same here in the New Testament with both John and Jesus. In Matthew we find Christ speaking to the crowd concerning John. Lets take a look.

“What did you go out into the desert to see? A reed swayed by the wind? If not, what did you go out to see? A man dressed in fine clothes? No, those who wear fine clothes are in kings palaces. Then what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, I tell you, and more than a prophet. This is the one about whom it is written: “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you.” (Malachi 3:1) Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil.”

And about the people rejecting Christ was written,

“He was in the world, and though the was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.” John 1:10-11

In my searches I have found that the poetical works of Marcus Garvey contain vast amounts of prophecy. Through out the next several pages I have posted several of Marcus’s poems and highlighted those statements which give reference to specifics in prophecy.

Marcus - Mussolini - Scourge Of God!

The day of gloom is here, 0 Lord! (When the Beasts made war with the Lamb)

And brought by wicked man to earth; see 1) below poem, Revelations 12:12-14

The Mussolini murder sword

Has doomed the Savior’s Holy birth- The who? Saviour? Haile Selassie I Psalms 87:4

The Rome that claims the Tree of Love

has blessed the murderer's awful deed;

What blasphemy of God, above,

To satisfy a Caesar's greed?

While sober men do seek the way

Of Love and Holy Brotherhood,

There comes another "Roman day"

To spoil and rob us of the good.

Africa's Christian children cry,

To save us Lord from Rome and sin;

Do lead us on, yea, not to die,

But with the Cross to make us win.

The Blacks of all the world do praise

The Prince of Peace, for love so dear: Haile Selassie I is the crowned Prince of Peace

As Simon did in bygone days,

So do for us, and be Thou near Very near, Ethiopia to be exact.

The bluff of Rome's new human Scourge

Has reached to Heaven's inner Gate; Otherwise known as Ithiopia

We pray he will not cross the gorge

That shields our father's ancient State.

1) Revelations 12:12-13 states that “Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you!”

2) Psalms 87:4 -"Behold with Philistia, Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there." "This man" is the subject of the psalm, and the subject of the psalm is the Lord. "Born there" is demonstartive in the sense that it demonstartes that this man (the Lord) was born in one if these three places which is what "there" demonstrates. The preposition "with" next to Ethiopia demonstartes that this man was born there in Ethiopia, so plainly speaking, "the Lord was born in Ethiopia." Christ stated that for His claim to be true hat He would have to fullfill the laws of Moses and the psalms, but Christ wasn't born in Ethiopia in His first advent. He was born in Bethlahem. So being that Christ said these things must fullfill in Him, Christ must be bron in Ethiopia in His second advent to fullfill scripture.

Marcus - A Black Man's Prayer

Send Thy peace to all this world,

Lord of nations and of man-

Where blood banners are unfurled.

In their wicked sinful den.

Sin may reign upon the throne,

In man's way of seeing right;

Thou art Lord in truth; alone

Thou canst set all sin to flight.

Black men crushed to earth each day

Raise a voice of pleading now:

Come good Lord we all do pray,

Make the tyrants humbly bow.

For since God is God alone,

And vile man is man for that,

And will not of self atone,

Treat him, Lord, as virus rat.

White is great upon the earth,

Greater than the King of Kings:-

This is sin of human birth

That the white man daily sings.

Thou art made to be so white

That no black man has no claim.

Could'st this, God, Be ever right

That you made us ill of fame?

Thou art God in every way,

Caring not for black nor white; -"Until the philosophy..."

Then, 0 Lord! look down this day,

Turn the will man Lo the right.

Marcus - Brutal Crime

The Beast of Rome sent forth his might

'Gainst Ethiopia's silent hosts,

And in battle went the men

Who haunt the hills and plains like ghosts.

Askaris, grinning soldiers,

Like April fools at summer play,

Did shoulder arms for Italy

To give the Beast of Rome the day.

When blacks fight blacks in white men's wars

They're fools for all their valiant pain,

For they shall never hope for right

In whatsoever is the gain.

Ras Gugsa, ignoble of fame,

Betrayed the Emperor's goodwill;

His head should be upon the block,

For Negroes then to curse at will.

When Mussolini challenged us,

He knew the weakness of the men;

To feed and pat them on the back

Was all, to get them in the pen.

The cursed fool who fell for Rome,

And marched against the Motherland,

Should never live to tell the tale

Of his unholy traitor-hand.

The Psalmist sung of days to come,

And God himself did bless the time,

And yet the grinning fool of race

Betrays the cause that is sublime.

When all is o'er, and God prevails,

The curse of all the world shall be

Upon the heads of traitor-blacks

Who failed to make their country free.

Marcus - Devil In Mussolini

When God did make the world and all

He laid a righteous plan of things:

He never meant to harbour sin

Among mankind with all their kings.

He did establish holy law

To rule the mighty universe,

And everything that He did make

Was bound to follow such a course.

But evil crept into man's life,

And wasted all that Goodness gave,

And strife was stirred between the two

That pressed man into his sad grave:

The Devil and the Lord of Host

Have fought upon the plains of life,

And still we see the conflicts rage

With God on top in every strife.

The Caesars came and went their way,

With Alexander and his kind,

Napoleon did also come

With Mussolini close behind;

The latter devil raised his sword

To bleed a world of peaceful men.

And Roman sin proclaimed him great

For his descent on God's children

This devil in mad human form,

Performs his tricks and deeds with boast:

He plays on Italy's great fame

And challenges the Lord of Host,- This tyrant challenged Selassie I

The fight goes on between the two,

To end as did the rest before,

For God must win in every cause

That man threatens on any shore.

The time will come when every hand

Will smite the Mad Dog on the head,

And he will pass away to Hell

And leave his stain among the dead.

This Mussolini-devil-man-

Has come from out the darkest cave.

And savage-like, in looks and deeds,

He seeks to take the life God gave.

No soul can this vile madman give,

No creature can he ever make,

Yet he would bleed all men to death

And all for vanity's sole sake.

He leads the march 'gainst black and white,

To crown himself the lord of earth,

But whilst he gains, for just a while,

His triumphs are just devil's mirth.

The time will come to chain his feet

And hands, like all the devil's gone,

And he will be just one more fool

Who from satanic womb was born.

Pray down the Devil of the hills-

The hills of Roman wickedness,

And look to God, the King of Peace,

Who reigns for human blessedness.

Messenger: White dread Sent: 10/5/2006 6:50:59 AM

Iman thanks you for the I´s insight

Give thanks for live

Messenger: kc366 Sent: 10/6/2006 10:17:32 PM

Mighty, mighty composition. Each day thine eyes and senses are opened.

Indeed, Marcus Mosiah Garvey is our universal, international royal black hero. John the Baptist liveth, Christ liveth, God liveth, our ancient Ethiopian 1-in-3, 3-in-1 God liveth.

Verily, verily I say unto to you my Bredren hearken unto my voice for Christ himself was born in said place. Highlands of Abyssinia / Ethiopia is Christ’s birth land too.

It was never Bethlehem. The "Bethlehem account" is yet another Bible myth masquerading as fact.

Most High Selassie I

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/6/2006 11:56:40 PM

It may very well be true what the I has said. I have done much research since this writing. Most of the biblical accounts are only half true and have been attributed to the wrong people. Christ may very well have been born in Ethiopia.


Messenger: Sahle Maryam II Sent: 10/7/2006 8:27:04 AM

Holy I Selassie I

There were several occasions where the Europeans altered, interpreted, and clearly plagiarized events surrounding The Christ. I’ll discuss the idea of plagiarism later, but first the dates. And these were the Council of Jamnia 70 C.E. (Christian era) or A.D.(after the death) and the Council of Nicean 325 C.E. / A.D.

In the case of the former, the racist Jewish theologians masterminded“the Canannite” myth concerning the curse of Ham; it was centuries later these very same myth makers were again involved in atrocities on the Black World during the MAFAA. In fact, many of the porteguese forts along west Africa’s coast are adorned with David’s hexagram.* Google the term “conversos.”

A few centuries later during the Council of Nicean, many may already be familiar with this event, Constantine flipped the script on many issues, particularly the character of Christ, the birth of Christ, as well as other factors directly associated with the Christ. Overall, the opportunity was used to merge historical and mythological concepts. Note, could the historical Christ somehow be a related to Osiris? Remember, Osiris was the standard model used by the Greeks in their development of the mythological Oserapis.

Regarding plagiarism, during Kmt’s / Egypt’s twilight, many invaders particularly the Greeks and Romans literally lifted pyramid texts and recreated European versions of historical African ancestral stories. During these occupations, Kmt’s holy temples and other buildings were closed to accommodate unchallenged european theft & looting.

*the hexagram is actually associated with Ancient Kemet religious practices.

Marcus our universal, international hero, a man of all time. Ptah of the old kingdom. Christ the son who is one with his Father, the Osiris of the old kingdom. Ras Tafari the king, Ra of the old kingdom. Three men of anciency yah heard.

By the way, if the above statement is accurate, then it’s been millennia since Ra joined us in his physical form; it is written he was disgusted with mankind and returned to dwell in the spiritual realm.

Ethiopia Royal Nation Wealth Kingdom

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 10/7/2006 6:37:05 PM

Blessed Love My Lord and Empress

Give thanks for Life and the Mighty Powers of the Holy Trinity Prophet Priest and King, 3 in 1 1 in 3, Ruler of Earth Sky and Sea
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari

Give thanks for the the Empress Maryam who come shed such light. I would like to ask the i for some clearance on what MAFAA.
Also, Ethiopia-Africa,Ethiopia Royal Nation Wealth Kingdom and Governmant and Parliamant is before KMT. We have to understand this.
KMT also borrowed from Ethiopia, spiritual works, temporal works, like the Holy Trinity and the Ark of the Covenant and much more.

Christ, Holy King Emmanuel, Melchesedek of Anciency, is an Ethiopian from Birth, Jerusalem is EthiopiaAfrica.
Marcus is the Same Elijah, Ezekiel, Malachi, John the Baptist, from that time to this time.
King Selassie I is the Same God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the Same father Abraham.
God is One. Trinity is One.
Jahova Jah Rastafari

Hon Pro Pascal

Messenger: Sahle Maryam II Sent: 10/7/2006 8:17:39 PM

Blessed Love My Lord

Give thanks Brethren, the signature must have alerted the I. Natural My Lord, Kmt was Ethiopia’s undisputed child.

Don’t think there is a PM function, so here is InI email:

Hail the I Marcus I

Rt. Hon. Pro. Maryam

Ethiopia Royal Nation Wealth Kingdom

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